Floor Protection

Unfortunately the weather can be harsh through certain times of the year. Rain and snow can create a muddy cocktail. So as standard on all our moves, we provide foam back floor runners to lay over wooden floor and clear plastic floor wrap for all of your carpets.

Interior of Bedroom

Mattress Covers

Mattresses are 99.9% white and can show dirt easy. They also need to be kept clean as we lay on them everyday. For every move we use a fresh plastic protector to ensure no dirt or germs come in contact with it.

Sofa & Chair Covers

The picture next speaks for itself!

The most valuable item in most households. To ensure they leave the house in perfect condition we cover all suites in strong padded covers so after the day is complete, you can enjoy a sit down and a glass of wine.

Sofa Covers
Packaging Materials

Packaging Materials

We’ll also supply high-quality, reliable packing material at a great price, saving you the job of going to a hardware store to buy it.

Let our team know what you need, and we’ll drop them off free of charge.

Dismantling & Reassembling Flat Pack Furniture

Sofa feet off? Table legs off? Beds to dismantle? Wardrobes to split?

No problem!

Our trained crews are equipped with tools for all types of furniture.

For prices with regards to this service then please get in contact.

Key Being Dropped in Mans Hand

Key Waiver

To avoid unnecessary charges we can offer a key waiver of £100+VAT

If keys haven’t arrived by 2pm , we will charge £35per hour per man.

If keys haven’t arrived by 4.30pm then the furniture will be taken back to store and delivered at our earliest convenience with an additional charge.

Insurance Included

As part of our standard service we include insurance. We do not sell this as an extra.  Full cover is included with every move.

Question Mark

Help & Guidance

We’re not just here for move day.  We’re here for every step of the way. We’re always here morning, noon and night for any advice about the whole process.

We’re also a local company so we have bags of knowledge of tradesmen, local businesses and places for a good meal out.

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