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Ensure your belongings reach their new home safely with our first class packing boxes and packing materials.

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Cardboard Boxes For Sale in the UK

If you are looking for high-quality packaging materials and moving boxes, look no further than Lynes of Lincolnshire. Our packing offerings are of superior quality to make sure your belongings reach their new home safely. If you choose poor quality boxes, it may result in your belongings being damaged.

Choose from our range of boxes...

Our variety of boxes should suit every item you are packing. We offer the following cardboard boxes:

CD/DVD Carton - A 26 inch long carton to suit your collection of DVDs and CDs perfectly.

Wardrobe Carton - A double walled carton which comes accompanied with a rail - perfect for clothing and garments.

Pack 3 - A tall, double walled box for duvets, pillows, photos and other tall items.

Pack 2 - A large, double walled box for heavy items such as clothing, electricals and kitchenware.

Pack 6 - Medium sized double wall cardboard boxes for all general items such as books, crockery etc. They can also be used for lighter, delicate items.

Pack 36 - A 35 inch, double walled box for bedding, curtains and heavy items.

As well as packing boxes, we offer a wide range of packaging tools such as heavy duty tape, transite blankets and bubble wrap. View our online shop here.

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We are proud to offer a comprehensive service which can include several aspects of your moving experience. We ensure that our clients have a stress-free moving experience. We offer removals, storage and packing dependent on your requirements.

If the idea of packing removal boxes sounds like something you do not have time for, we can help! Our packing service is tailored to suit your requirements. Whether you would like help with just a couple of rooms - or would prefer to leave the job to us, please get in touch! Our expert team will pack your items perfectly, ensuring nothing is damaged in transit.

Should you choose to purchase some packing materials from our online shop - know that all delivery within the UK is free except the Scottish Highlands. If you are placing an order to the Scottish Highlands - please give us a call.

Get in touch with a member of our friendly team if we can help in any way.

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